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Interactive Robotics Laboratory
Yu Gu, Associate Professor

Yu Gu

Photo of Yu Gu

(304) 293-3992

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Adjunct Associate Professor, Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources

Dr. Yu Gu is mainly interested in bio-inspired robot perception, control, and interaction strategies. Dr. Gu has authored over 80 technical papers and managed more than ten external funded projects as PI or as a Co-PI. He is serving as the editor for the AIAA Roadmap for Intelligent Systems in Aerospace, 2nd Edition. Dr. Gu has designed more than a dozen UAVs and ground robots, and have managed numerous indoor and outdoor experiments. He was the leader for WVU Team Mountaineers that won the NASA Sample Return Robot Centennial Challenge in 2014 (Level-1 challenge), 2015 (Level-2 challenge with a $100,000 prize), and 2016 (Final challenge with a $750,000 prize).

Dr. Gu is also a nature photographer, amateur astronomer, and telescope maker.

Yu Gu at a speaking engagement

CV as of October 2020, LinkedIn Profile, Google Scholar Page, Youtube Channel, Photo Site, Blog

Astrophotos (mostly from a long time ago):


Photos of Mars

Photos of Jupiter

Photo of Saturn

Dragon on the Sun:

Photo showing sunspots in the shape of a dragon

Mars Rotation with Morning Fog Shown in the Blue Channel (right):

Mars Rotation with morning fog      Mars Rotation with Morning Fog blue channel

Jupiter Triple Shadow Transit (poor seeing):

Jupiter and its moons rotating

Transit of Venus:

transit of venus

A storm (the tiny white spot on the globe) discovered on Saturn:

Saturn showing small white storm