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Interactive Robotics Laboratory
Yu Gu, Professor

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Ph.D. Position

The Interactive Robotics Laboratory (IRL) has openings for multiple Ph.D. level Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs). Research areas include robot perception, manipulation, autonomy, multi-agent interaction, and robot/UAV design.

Prospective candidates should hold a master’s or bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, computer science/engineering, automatic controls, applied mathematics, or other related disciplines. She/he should have a strong background and interest in one or several of the following areas: systems and controls, stochastic estimation, mathematics, instrumentation, programing, and hardware design and testing. The candidates should also have excellent verbal and writing skills in English, should be motivated and capable of creatively working in a team environment.

Interested candidates should apply to WVU Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering or Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering online. Questions about the position may be sent to Dr. Yu Gu at Yu.Gu(at)

Please read the IRL guide for Ph.D. Study before applying.

M.S. Position

IRL in general does not provide research assistantships to M.S. Students. If you are interested in pursuing a M.S. degree at IRL, you need to prepare your own funding or obtain an assistantship from the department or WVU. IRL can assist perspective students with an outstanding credential to apply for fellowships. However, US citizenship is often required for most fellowships.

Exchange/Visiting Position

Please contact Dr. Yu Gu at Yu.Gu(at) if you are interested in visiting IRL.

Undergraduate Research Position

If you are currently a WVU undergraduate student who is interested in doing research in UAV or robotics, you can participate in many different ways. For example, you can pursue a thesis or research credits at IRL; you can perform a senior deign project at IRL, or you can work as either a volunteer or hourly worker (limited positions available). Please contact us for details.