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Interactive Robotics Laboratory
Yu Gu, Professor

Conner Castle

Castle Portrait

Gecko Robotics

Conner Castle received his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at West Virginia University in 2019. He started working for the WVUIRL team during the summer before his undergraduate senior year. He has been apart of multiple design teams within robotics at WVU including the IRL’s Fast Traverse Rover and SMART robot platforms as well as WVU’s University Rover Challenge design team. His main research interests involve autonomous systems, robotics, and design. In the future he would like to study autonomous agricultural, and autonomous manufacturing assembly robotics. Currently he is working on a method in which a physics engine will be used to control the behavior and physical mechanisms of an existing physical robot. He is hoping that tackling the problem of robotic control and design from a different perspective will yield insights into how the design process itself can be changed. Apart from pursuits in robotics and design, Conner enjoys exercise and hobby building projects.