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Interactive Robotics Laboratory
Yu Gu, Professor

Mo Buzzo


Mo is currently working at Oceaneering. He received his MS in Mechanical Engineering at WVU in 2021. His research interests are related to design and control of mobile robot platforms as well as robotic manipulators, soft robotic manipulation, and swarm robotics. He also mentored and served as the team lead for WVU’s University Rover Challenge Team and was a graduate mentor for WVU’s Interactive Robotics Laboratory swarm robotics summer REU project. Prior to joining the IRL, Mo completed undergraduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering at WVU graduating in December 2019. As an undergraduate Mo worked in material science specializing in advance ceramic research under Dr. Edward  Sabolsky, but later transitioned into robotics research with Dr. Gu. In his spare time Mo enjoys SCUBA diving, 3D printing, and cooking.